2021: EASI Board of Directors


    Chia Thao-- President and Board Chair
            - Fresno State Graduate with B. A. & M. P. H. in Public Health
                                                                                                    - currently Ph. D. Candidate in Public Health at UC, Merced                                                                                                        - currently teaching part-time at California State University, Fresno                                                                                           - member of EASI since 2016              





    John Dussich -- First Vice-President 

           - Professor Emeritus of Criminology, Victimologist, California State University, Fresno                                                             - 2016 Ronald Reagan Public Policy Award for Victims of Crime from the US Attorney General

           - founding member of EASI since 2009



    Gina Martinez -- Second Vice-President

        - Criminologist/Victimologist, Certified Paralegal

        - graduated B.S. CSU Fresno 2017

        - member of EASI since 2016





    Pattie Yost -- Treasurer  

        - San Francisco State University B. A. Anthropology                                                                                                                       - Long Term Care Ombudsman, Case Investigator for Valley Caregiver Resource Center                                                          - founding member of EASI since 2009




   Tou Thunder Thao-- Secretary  

         - Chemist, graduated from UCSD 2015

          - member of EASI since 2018


  • Aimee Ochoa

  • Nora Ramirez

  • Jerry Ramirez

  • Asianique Conroe

General Duties of the Directors:


It shall be the duty of the Directors to:

A.  Perform any and all duties imposed on them collectively or individually by law, the articles of incorporation of the corporation, or by its bylaws

B.  Appoint and remove, employ and discharge, and accept as otherwise provided in our bylaws, prescribe the duties and compensation if any, of all Officers, agents, and employees of the corporation.

C.  Supervise all Officers, agents, and employees of the corporation to assure, their duties are performed properly.

D.  Meet at such times and places as required by our By Laws.

E.  Register their current addresses, with the Secretary of our organization and send reports in advance of all  meetings by mail, email, text message or telephone according to their responsibiliteis and previous meetings.